About Elegances Retreats 

A team, a community 

We are two women, a mother and daughter duo, Naila and Brigitte. Two generations, two life approaches.

We both have experience in wellness, yoga, meditation, reiki and energy work. We have learned with different teachers and are certified by Yoga Alliance. We work together in creating our own retreats and gathering our forces to offer a real experience, to create a family, a community to heal and grow together.

Our knowledge and experiences are only offered in retreats format. Why? Because they are not your typical yoga retreat. We design a journey to yourself using yoga, meditations, workshops as techniques  for you to work on your mindset, your energies, your chakras and your life goals for you to evolve.

All retreats are small and take places in unique and safe environement. Each time we bring different teachers to complement our offering for you to get the best and come back as a changed person after one week with us. We are offering you a completely new way of living, of thinking and of approaching life.

Our journeys have brought us to India, Costa Rica, France, Bali and been inspired by teachers like Kia Miller, Tommy Roden, Emily Kuser, Uma Dinsmore Tuli, Bex Tyrer, Gunjan Trivedi,  and many more .

Brigitte Chbib

Personal development 


Happiness and success is Brigitte’s personal mantra.  Mother of three children, Brigitte is a business leader with 30 years of experience. Her interest in personal development and NLP has pushed her to manage her teams with an holistic approach with strong values ​​and innovative techniques.  Her experience in managing teams and her own family has helped her develop a new way of approaching life challenges. 

Having succeeded in managing her busy professional activity while reconciling family life, Brigitte has built a character and has developed a unique approach and philosophy of life that can be adapted to everyone. Brigitte studied NLP at the Dôjo in Paris, yoga of sound, universal energy and is a Reiki Master. 

She shares her knowledge and passion through these retreats and helps women find themselves.

Naila Chbib

Divine feminine, meditation, self care

Creative and sensitive, Naila is a fashion stylist with a creative approach to life. Naila graduated in Fashion Design from Parsons School New York and created her eco-friendly sustainable swimwear line in 2011 called Elegances. 

Naila is oriented towards an original approach to the place of women in society as well as the relationship of woman with her body and own values. 

An extraordinary vision that brought her on the road of shamans, yogis, energy practitioners around the world from Bali, Costa Rica, India and to France in order to be able to grow as a woman free from sociyt expectations. Naila studied gentle yoga appropriate for a woman’s body, as well as energetic practices to move forward in life and gain self confidence. A graduate of the recognized Yoga Alliance, Naila shares her passion through the retreats that she organizes with her mother, Brigitte



Anne David

Kundalini and yin yoga teacher


Anne teaches Kundalini and Yin Yoga, the foundations of our retreats. She studied at Amrit Nam Sarovar international yoga school and has been teaching yoga for many years. Anne also trained in massage and Ayurvedic medicine. Passionate about yoga and personal growth, Anne shares her knowledge through our retreats.

Her holistic approach to yoga allows her to incorporate ancestral practices into her classes. Anne works with the chakras and meridians to provide energetic support to the body. Her classes are also punctuated with an Indian Ayurvedic approach in order to provide the body with much needed well-being and serenity.

Anne Diggles & Tony Rouillard

Massages and well-being


Anne Diggles and Tonny Rouillard accompany our retreats with well-being and relaxation massages. Dedicated and passionate with international experience, they form a dynamic team. Tony, after a complete experience in Asia and extensive studies in Chinese medicine, offers Chinese Tuina massages, an advance technique to tone and rebalance the body. Chinese massage treats ligaments, muscles, internal and functional pathologies. Anne offers, through her experience in international spas, relaxing massages with essential oils for overall relaxation during the retreats in order to completely regenerate and let go during the week.

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