Costa Rica Retreat

Blue Spirit, July 2019

Plant medicine, Yoga, Meditation, Surfing, and Waterfalls

Location: Nosara, Blue Spirit 
Miles Travelled: 5,7700

As we head to Costa Rica for the first time in July 2019, we had no idea we will fall in love for this beautiful and lush country. A luxuriant land filled with tropical trees and flowers, colorful animals and dreamy long sandy beaches. We spend a fews days at the Blue Spirit retreat center located in Nosara. To get there from Europe, it is a long trip but from Miami, it was next door! 

We arrived in Liberia airport which is a small and clean airport. We got greeted by our driver and drove five hours throughout a lush vegetation and muddy bumpy roads to get to our final destination.   

Blue Spirit overlook a magical stretchy beach of more than 10km, in a luxuriant and peaceful environment. 

During our stay at the Blue Spirit we joined Eli’s Retreat from Nature Within to explore Shamanic and plant medicine.

It was our first time exploring that path and we were very nervous. There is a lot of mystery around it, a lot of rumors… till you actually make the plunge yourself and discover what it is.  

The landscape, the food, the people, the experience were just magical and life changing. Those are experience that allow you to challenge yourself and growth. 

Trip Video

An interview with Luis Gabriel and Eli from Naure Within talking about the universe, the medicine, the retreat and the experience.

Best of all – Pura Vida ! 

1. The Beach

The beach is definitely the highlight of the trip. Not one day I did not go swimming in the ocean. The beach stretch for miles to the horizon, is deserted and natural. Turtles come to lay their eggs, surfers come to enjoy the perfect waves and yoginis like me come to enjoy a sunset meditation. Map

2. The vegetarian food 

The food served was vegetarian. Despite not being a vegetarian myself, I found the food to be very nourishing and delicious. It was a mix of flavors and spices you are not used to eat, fresh ingredients and local fish served.  Map

3. The location

Between the pool, the spa, the environment, the charming village, the monkeys, the people and the friendly staff, the place is magic. You definitely let go of all your stress. You completely disconnect from your every day life.  Map

Day 1

Day one was the introduction of the retreat, working with plants, the techniques and the history behind it. We also got the opportunity to work with Kambo, another natural medecine, coming from frog venon applied directly on your skin. Kambo is considered to be a natural antibiotic. We also worked with other plants and learned how plants can heal and support yourself. Every day we did Yin yoga which really supports you through out the journey and helps you to relax and release


Day 2 -3

Day two and three was the actual ceremony working with the plants and going through the healing process during the night. It was very intense. A full ritual is processed throughout the night to go through the journey.

Prior to the ceremony you also do a biter bath. it is a steam bath using natural and fresh plants that allow you to clean your body and increase your energy level to get prepared for the rituals. 


Day 4

The 4th day, we did a sweet bath with steam from sweet plants like rosemary and basil that helps you to bring more sweetness in your life and to nourish yourself after the process. Finally The last part of the retreat was a sweat lodge. A ritual used by native Indians done in a hut using volcanic stones, heat and songs to go through a four hours journey. An extremely powerful experience that was not for the faint heart. After the retreat ended I stayed at Blue Spirt, enjoyed long walk on the beach, naked swim, surfing in Nosara and practicing yoga by myself till the trip ended and it was time to head home. 

Costa Rica

Pura Vida

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