What is a retreat ?

A retreat is a gift to yourself, a way to step aside from your everyday concerns to relax and take care of your soul. It provides time to rest, reflect, evolve, exercises, learn, make new friends and reconnect with yourself. 

Do I need any yoga experience?

During each retreat we will use different yoga techniques: Hatha, kundalini, pranamaya and yin yoga. You do not need any previous yoga experience to join us. All retreats are open to all. You will need to be open minded to try.

How many persons per retreat?

Each retreats are customized for small groups from 15 persons to max 30 persons. Average size 20 persons. We are usually four to five staff members holding the space and organizing the retreat 

Can I bring my child?

Unfortunatly no. Retreats are open from 18 years old and more. 

Can you accommodate my food's needs or intolerances?

Yes! With each retreat come a private chef for the group. The food served will be all organic, locally sourced, fresh and prepared in a healthy manner on location daily.

You will be nourished with food that will support you during your entire stay.

For any food allergies, you will need to mention it to us when you book the retreat and we will do the neccesarly to accomodate you. 


How can I request my own room or get my room preference?

When you book the retreat, you can select the type of room you would like to get for the retreat on the website. You can also reach out to us directly to request your own sleeping arrangements, 

How do you prepare for a yoga retreat ?

Once you register for one of our retreat, we will send you a full list on how to prepare yourself, what to bring, the requirements, how to get there and any homework. We will assist  you through out the full process before, during and after. Once you join us, you join the familly. 

Does health insurance pay for yoga retreat ?

Every plan is different, so we encourage you to speak with your healthcare insurance provider and review your coverage. Certains type of retreats can be covered to some extend and some insurance do cover retreats.  You will need to reach out directly to your provider. 

How much is a retreat?

The cost of each retreat we offer is different. It usually include everything from accomodation, to all meals prepared with fresh organic ingredients,  to all classes, workshops, ateliers, activities, all material and yoga props. 

We design each retreat ourselves and each retreat is customized around a journey of personal development.  We will provide all the best attention and care for each. 

We invite you to reach out to us directly to inquire about prices. All prices are clearly indicated on each retreat page. 

What is the refundable policy?

When you book a retreat, we request a 500 USD downpayment that is non refundable to reserve your space.

Each reterat is based on first come and on approval by our team due to the limited space.

More than 60 days, you will receive full refund

60 days before the training you will receive 50% of the training balance

Past 60 days before the reterat start day, you will receive no refund expect  in case of medical emergency.

Payments plans are available by special request.

All payments must be received befire the start of the Retreat.

Each retreat is organized as per participants needs and requests. Therefore we need some time to organise all the sleeping and food arrangements one month prior to the training start.

If the retreat is canceled due to the current circonstances, we will refund you everything including the deposit. For now all retreats are maintained. 


What is the payment terms?

500 USD downpaymen deposit at reservation when you register

50% 60 days prior to the retreat 

100% 30 days prior to the retreat 

Full payment must be completed 30 days prior to the begining of each Retreat in order to secure your space. 

How do I get to the retreat location?

Upon booking with us, we will send you the location, map and details of the retreat location.

You can also inquire about the location directly to us or by visiting the page dedicated to the retreat you are interested in. 

Upon request,we can organize your transporation needs to the retreat from your point of arrival. We can also organise shuttles with differents participants arriving at the same time and place. .  

All Retreats are closed to an international airport and are easily accessible for all. We will be taking care of you all the way from the moment you arrive. 

Transportation to the retreat maybe subject to additional cost. 

Is it safe for me to travel and attend the retreat ? How do you cope with the current COVID-19?

All our retreats at the moments are hosted in France in a safe, clean and remote blissful environments still closed to any hospitals.

Each retreats are held in closed and private environment with no external direct contacts with outside sources during the entire duration of the retreat .

Since each retreats are organized and hosted by us directly , it is very easy for us to implement strict hygiene standards and to monitor the retreat.

All participants and teachers will be reviewed for health check before the start of the retreat.

Each retreats is within a small group of people and will be a welcoming wellness bumble away from these trouble time where we will completely disconnect

The place where each retreats are hosted are wipped cleaned before each retreats.

An on location intendant will be present to organise daily cleaning

All our yoga matts, blankets and props are brand new for the retreat and have never been used before

You are also welcome to bring your own yoga matt.

All meals will be preparred following all hygiene standard on location with no interaction with external source.

In each retreat we plan to organise a specific workshop dedicated to the current health situation on how to improve your immune system, improve your stress level and how to face the current situation the best way possible using holistic technique.

Your safety is our primary concern and all proper safety and strict hygenic mesures will be implemented so we all enjoy a beautiful journey together with clear mind.

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