Garlic a grandmother recipe

In this uncertain time and with our own health being the most important thing we have, it is important we support our immune system.

Garlic has been a secret grandmother recipe and something used for generation to support and boost immune system. I will share some great practices with garlic, which have been forgotten and replaced nowadays by big pharmaceutical industry pills. Very simple techniques that are even more beneficial than a garlic supplements you get at pharmacies. It is available everywhere and it is affordable. Garlic had been proven with medical studies to have many medicinal properties.


Garlic has been well documented by civilization from Egyptians, Babylonian, Greeks, Romans and Chinese.

Garlic contains a little bit of everything your body needs: Manganese, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Fibber, potassium, calcium, copper, iron, antioxidants… Studies show that garlic is able to combat cold, and common flu. It also helps to reduce blood pressure and LDL cholesterol, improve your liver, reduce fatigue and detox from heavy metals.

How to intake garlic ?

Garlic water 

Fresh organic garlic will bring all its benefits. Garlic water is water where fresh garlic is peel chopped inside and left overnight to macerate.

The water will get the full properties of the garlic. In the morning on empty stomach you can drink it when you just woke up. It is not the best taste but with time you will get used it and you will feel the difference in your body.

Garlic suppository

By inserting fresh garlic in your VIP entrance, it will go directly into your intestines. It will help by killing parasites. The garlic does not dissolve like a normal suppository; it will pop back out after it made its magic inside. It does not irritate and yes it will always pop back out at some point.

The technique: Prepare a pealed clove in the evening before going to bed, put some olive oil or coconut oil to better insert it. Put it right when you go to bed. The garlic will make its magic during the night and will pop back out in the morning.  You can do this for how many days you fell or even months to get the full properties.



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