How to make your own hand sanitizer ?

As hand sanitizer are getting low in stock in shops and pharmacies, we can easily replace the commercial chemicals one by our own home made hand sanitizer as efficient as the commercial one. It is super easy to make with ingredients you can find anywhere. And it is just healthier for you.

You will need the following ingredients:

– 30 ml of an Alcohol base: Can be vodka, brandy or anything with alcohol

– 60 ml Aloe Vera: It has antibacterial properties, but if you don’t have it is fine.

– 15 drops of Essential oil: Ravinsara, which has anti bacterial properties

– 15 drops of Essential oil: Tea Tree or Lavender, also great anti septic and anti bacterial properties

1) First find a small glass bottle to use

2) Make sure you actually sterilize the bottle you are going to use. This is an extremely important step! Do not put it in the washing machine. It is not enough. You need to place the bottle in boiling water in a pan for 15 minutes minimum. Take it out with a clean instrument and leave it to fully dry on the side. I insist on fully dry. There must be absolutely no water left inside the bottle.

3) Put all the ingredients together and mix them. Pour everything into the bottle.


And voila, you are good to go!


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