What are the hygienic measures to apply at home?

More than ever you need to apply strict hygienic measures at home. Yes they might be a bit extreme, but they are necessary to keep everybody safe and healthy. These are extremely logic and simple to apply. You will just need a lot of wipes.

Ordering groceries

Avoid going to supermarkets and try to order as much as possible online. When you order, the delivery person will deliver the grocery in your doorstep. Make sure you have no contact with him. Ask him to leave the groceries on your doorsteps, outside your door. Do not bring the groceries inside yet.

Try to pay directly online and avoid touching money. A lot of germs are transmitted through money passing from one hand to another hand.

If you pay by credit card, make sure you wipe your credit card when the person hand it back to you before placing it back to your wallet.

Once the delivery person leave, you can wipe with a disinfectant wipe each grocery, each pack, and each box you will be bringing inside the house. Why? Because these will stand in your fridge and will contaminate other aliments you will eat.

Wipe absolute every you are bringing inside your home! And don’t forget to wipe too the ring bell of your home after the delivery guy left.


Avoid as much as possible to make some transaction with money. Money pass from one hand to another hand… and it is never washed…. it carries so much germs. As much as possible try to use your credit card and wipe it right after.


Your phone

How many times during the day do you touch your phone? What surface does your phone touch?  Our phones are a big part of our life. We use it all the time, we check our messages, we put it in our bed, on the shop counter, in our kitchen, at work…ect.. Make sure you also wipe your phone on a frequent basis. Your phone is in close proximity with your mouth, your hears.. Sometime in your bathroom. Just wipe it through the day on a frequent basis.

Your shoes

Yes your shoes! Why do you think authorities are cleaning the roads with extremely strong disinfectants? Because germs passes too with shoes. You will wear your shoes at the supermarket, at home, at work, on the street, then you head back home, walk around with your shoes on and then you walk bare foot and up in your bed. And if you have kids or babes, they play on the floor. Leave your shoes at the door! And.. wipe the sole… So yes you will need to buy a lot of wipes….

Your clothes

Yes textiles absorb germs and anything else and it stays on it. When you come back from a trip for grocery or work, put your clothes directly in the washing machine. Detergent and hot water will destroy anything there. Do not leave your clothes around, on your bed or elsewhere.


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