Is a yoga retreat worth it ?

Is a yoga retreat worth it?

If you are asking yourself if a yoga retreat is worth it, it means you are really thinking about it and hoping it will change your life, and it will. 

Elegances yoga retreat are not only just a yoga retreat with yoga classes, we create a journey of personal development where we are bringing so many tools for you to growth and evolve in your life. 


A yoga retreat is above all a gift you give to yourself. You are giving yourself the chance to reconnect and relax. You are the most important person in your life. Why because when you take care of yourself, when you are able to put a smile on your face, then your world around yourself is growing and nurturing. People around you are receiving the joy and happiness you radiate.

We all have done so many retreats personally, and each time it is a transformational journey. You come back changed and renewed, with a new perspective.

A retreat does not have any religious aspects, we welcome everybody from all background and religions.

Through the retreat, you will learn so many tools to incorporate into your life, which will help you  to reonnect to your true identity. Doing a retreat also means that you are ready to change, that something in your life does not fell right.  

A retreat is a type of therapy, a pause, an introspection to yourself to see what you need to change and release in order to growth and be aligned with who you are.

Beeing together and doing this as a group, strenghten your grow. It brings suport to the group. You fell you are not alone, you fell you are part of a community. You will meet similar participants who are facing the same challenges and you will probably make friends for life. We are creating a community to support and to nurture each others. 

On the side of the retreat, we are also creating additional platforms, facebook group and emails support in order to continue the process and to be there for each others. We recommend books, videos and homework to continue even after the retreat.


If you are still wondering if a retreat is worth it, if it isn’t a bit expensive, well know that a retreat is an investment into your life. Something you can’t learn on paper, you can’t learn at school or through parents.

I also want to emphasize the reasons as to why we are doing it. We are a mother daughter duo organizing it, we both have a job, our family, our life. Doing retreat is not a career. We are not organizing a retreat on behalf of a travel agency, we are not a corporation, we are a family.  

We are organizing a retreat by passion.

Because like you, we are human being who want through the same challenges in our life. And it took us so many years, studies, books, researches to learn the tools we are sharing. Because those tools changed our life and help us to stay calm and focused when we needed it. Because those tools helped us to understand who we are.

With the uncertain and unusual time, we are living in, it is more than ever that we need this type of retreat. Why? Because in the retreat we are giving techniques to cope with anxiety, to cope with stress, to release emotions and fear, to improve your immune system, to eat well and much more. Techniques, which we wish politicians will encourage each of us to use on a daily basis.


If you have any questions you can email us directly at

You can explore the different retreats we offer. We only offer a few of these per year with limited spot available.

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