What is Kambo?

Costa Rica, July 2019

A natural medicine from a frog

We discovered Kambo in Costa Rica as we were heading there for a retreat. The person holding the retreat mentioned the name and we were of course curious to explore. A few google research and we decided to do it.

We send a whastup to the person offering Kambo and head out to a private house the next day by the sea.

Kambo is known for its many benefits and has been used for generations in latin america in the amazon forest. It has been said to have healing properties for fertility,  detox, purging, spiritual healing, depression, addictions and much more. 

Kambo – Natural antibiotic 

The guy sat me alone in a garden foldable metal chair in a middle of the room with some ustensils. We talk for some times and introduced me to the process and what is Kambo.

So from my google search I knew it was coming from a frog. So of course I expected to see a room with frogs around. There were no frogs around… at all…

The poison is  from the frog skin, the Monkey frog, found in the amazon forest, a toxic substance, and is coming in a thick white paste that is preserved in a fridge.

Prior to my consultation with Kambo, I had received instructions to not eat for 24h. So I was definitly hungry. What I did not know, is that he was gonna make me drink 3 liters of water straight up, early morning on an empty stomach. Not a nice sensation where I felt my belly was about to explode!

The guy pull a bucket and ask to lay my right leg there. He was gonna work on my left side, to work on my feminine side and directly to my heart.

He slowly burn my skin with an encent stick and scratch a bit of white powder on that small spot on my leg.

I quickly felt a warmth and burning sensation heading from my leg up to my entire body to my head. I felt I was on fire, I started to sweet. I wanted to screem to that man to take the venom out of my leg but no sound came out of my mouth. Instead the 3 liter of water came out exploding out of my mouth. A constant flow of vomit..came out… It was like I was getting all the toxin out of my body.

The man started to sing and to hold me..while I keept vomiting. I was emptying myself.

Finally after 5 minute, he took out the venom out of my leg and I immeditaly felt better. The warmth and uncomfortable sensation disapeared and I felt myself again.

The sensation is extremely strong and I was not expecting it. After the ritual,  I layed down a bit to process what happened. And suddenly I could hear myself booking two mor session. Was I crazy?.. no.. Kambo is great to be done in your life for a minimum of 3 times in order to keep the medecine in your body your entire life. Since I was there, I decided why not.. lets do it. And this is how I did 3 times Kambo in Costa Rica 

Costa Rica

Pura Vida

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