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Luxury Yoga Retreats Schedule 2020

Self Development: Glow – Shine – Lead

French Alps 

Live an extraordinary week in a breathtaking retreat location in the French Alps, reclaiming your own self, your intuitions and power. A seven days ultimate retreat with fresh and pure air to fully dive deep into your own essence and self.  These days are dedicated to you for an exploration of the body, mind, heart and spirit. This journey is to give yourself a chance to really be happy and shine to become the person you want to be and fully be present in your life.


June 19th to June 26th 2020


Provence, France

The sacred Feminine is a 7 days luxury retreat in Provence France to reclaim your feminity and yourself in a private traditional Mas. A women holistic journey of self healing within a small group of women. We will explore what it means to be a women in our society and looking into ancestral rituals and the women moon cycles. The journey will incorporate kundalini yoga, meditation, sound healing, women circles, energy healing, workshops, nutrition advises. 

September 18th to 25th 2020

More dates to come…

We will  be doing a only a few retreats through out the years which we create ourselves around the knowledge we want to share and transmit to others. Our mission is to help people to evolve and growth in their life. If you want to stay up to date with future retreats and events, you can register here and express your interest.

Express your intest for future dates and retreats coming up

Is a yoga retreat worth it?

We don’t offer just a simple yoga retreat with only yoga classes. We offer a journey into yourself. Each retreat is designed around a specific goal, for you to evolve, to growth and to blossom. Yes there is yoga but there is so much more to it. If you want to change evolve and if you feel stock in your life… YES! a retreat is exactly what will help you to transcend and become the person you were always meant to be to gain confidence, trust, happiness, love for yourself, to nourish and to set goals for your life.

Does health insurance pay for yoga retreat ?

Every plan is different, so we encourage you to speak with your healthcare insurance provider and review your coverage. Certains type of retreats can be covered to some extend and some insurance do cover retreats.  You will need to reach out directly to your provider. 

How do you prepare for a yoga retreat?

Once you register for one of our retreat, we will send you a full list on how to prepare yourself, what to bring, the requirements, how to get there and any homework. We will assist  you through out the full process before, during and after the journey. Once you join us, you join the familly.

How much is a retreat ?

The cost of each retreat we offer is different. It usually include everything from accomodation, to all meals prepared with fresh organic ingredients,  to all classes, workshops, ateliers, activities, all material and yoga props. 

We design each retreat ourselves and each retreat is customized around a journey of personal development.  We will provide all the best attention and care for each. 

We invite you to reach out to us directly to inquire about prices. All prices are clearly indicated on each retreat page. 

What are the benefits of a retreat ?

Our retreats are not like normal retreats.  We create a journey for y0urself to growth. The journey is designed around a specific schema incorporating yoga, meditation, workshops and energy work all in the purpose to evolve in your life, to release any blockage you may have, to set up your own goals and to achieve to be the person you want to be. A retreat has the power to change your life if you really go for it. 

What do you do at a yoga retreat?

Our retreat are not the usual yoga retreats you may find. We offer a journey around self development using yoga, meditation, energy healing, activities in order for you to growth. Each retreat is a friendly community where we gather for one week to support and help each other. The schedule go from morning activities, breakfast, yoga sessions, ateliers around specific themes, lunch, afternoon  yoga and meditation, dinners and evening activties. When you join our retreat, everything is handled by us. You just need to pack your bag. The entire week you will be pampered by our team on site to ensure you have a great experience. 

What does it mean to go on a retreat?

To go on a retreat is to do a self introspection into the person you are and the person you want to become. A retreat is working on yourself in order for you to growth, have more clarity, to be more confident, find that happiness and to find that balance in your life. it is a week dedicated to you, only you.  


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Online Kundalini Yoga with Dominique

Dominique will be offering online kundalini classes via zoom in French during the week. It is on donation basis 10CF to 15 CHF The schedule will be: Monday: 17h30-18h30 Tuesday: 9h - 10h Wednesday: 12h-13h Thursday: 9h-10h Friday: 12h-13h Sunday: 10h-11h15 To confirm...

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Women circles

February 3, 2020Women have been gathering together for centuries to share stories, prayers and support each others. Women's circles are part of our culture and have been a forgotten ritual in our daily life. Don't we all love as women to gather together for lunch or a...

Retreat: Self development June 19th – June 26th 2020

Welcome Home to yourself Radiate - Glow - Shine   This a retreat we wanted to create mostly in the mind of women, to bring to women the connection they have lost with themleves. To be able to reconnect with your wommenhood, your wisdom and intuiton. To release...

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