Birch Sap Detox

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Birch Sap Detox


 I am doing this since many years, I learned this from my grandmother. What are the health benefits of birch sap Detox? It will drain the emotions of the kidneys, lungs, liver, blood and skin. And since we are changing seasons, and specially this year, and we need to cleans up the winter toxins, The birch sap is one of the only detox cures that does not fatigue, because is full and rich in minerals and trace elements.

It is stimulating at the same time as it detoxifies


Health benefits of detox

Demineralizing. Birch sap is rich in minerals, trace elements and vitamins including B vitamins. “It remineralizers joints, strengthens and rehydrates muscles for athletes, convalescent and elderly people.”

Gout: For people who have cholesterol or gout attacks it has an anti-inflammatory side and drains the liver and uric acid from the body

Weight Loss   Birch sap is used as a starter for weight loss by cleaning liver toxins. In herbalism it is recommended to clean the liver. Birch sap is very low in calories. By draining the body, it also plays positively on water retention and cellulite.

Skin, hair: It can also be used as an external treatment for example for hair lotion for scalp problems as I case of recalcitrant dandruff healing.

Your can find this detox to your health food sore, they have many brands and you can also find fresh one.

 When I can’t find the fresh birch sap, I use the one from WELEDA :

Why Spring detox ?

Spring is the season of DETOX! The best time to detox is now during spring time and since we are all stocked at home, it is easier to do it. It is the best time to set new course and to find new energtic grounds. During our every day , we absorb a lot of toxin within our body, from food, to beauty products, to chemicals around us to our clothes made with chemicals. Our body is an accumulation of toxins.  A detox is the best way to elimnitae these toxins and to strenghten your imune system. 


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