What is the energetic impact of covid-19?

What an unrealistic time we are all living. Whoever we are, wherever we are, whatever age, religion, condition, ethnicity, we are all equal, we are all touched by what is happening around the world. The current time feels like the full planet is on pause. 

We are going through an energetic cosmic washing machine where the vibrations of the world are changing.  We are all obligated to pause, to breath and to rest.  The planet and us need to breath.

It is time for us to be aware, to be more conscious and to review how we live and interact with each other. It is time for us to take care of us, of each others, to mediate, to heal and to expand our consciousness.  It is time to be more conscious of another way of living that shine over the collectivity. We are finally being called to look within ourselves.  
With chaos, we are being called for inner healing. 

 We are all obligated to pause, to breath and to rest.

On an energetic level, this thing touches the lung, which is where the heart chakra is.  And 2020 in numerology is the number 4…which is again the heart chakra. Coincidence?  Maybe not.  As we are forced to look within us, the feminine arise. We are being called to look within our wounds and to reconnect with our divine feminine energy, to love and be compassionated. Take this opportunity to really look into yourself, to meditate, to do some yoga, to do some journaling, to dance and celebrate life.

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