Why are we doing a woman retreat ?

For us creating a woman retreat was an evidence. Throughout our own life, we have faced the same challenges as you:

Confusion, insecurities, lack of energy, challenges, dealing with kids, with work, with husband, with health, with all the aspect of life, 

When you are all alone, and nobody really to turn toward for advises and support, you end up having only youself to support yourself. You are your best friend. You are the only one responsible of how you face these challenges and how you fell. You decide how you want to face and embrace it.  This is the only thing you can control: yourself. 

I guess facing these challenges and having already this mindset pushed us, mother and daughter, to each look for what we needed to support our life, to better face our insecurities. We both had different challenges, we learn from each other.

However sometime you need to find your own teachers that will bring that missing link to your life, so you better understand how to approach things and what pratices and techniques can be useful.

We both had different teachers, learning paths and experiences but combined together, we are an encyclopedia of knowledge, beeing written every day. And we want to share that encyclopedia with others, others who might need it too in their life. Others who are also struggling and can take the short path by getting that knowledge in our retreats instead of taking the long path.

These knowledges and practices have been learned in many places, in mamy seminars, in many workshops, retreats, classes we took around the world, with many different teachers. We took the best of these and are applying it in our daily life.


A retreat to help each others

A woman retreat is the best format we found to be able to gather a small group of women to share and support each other with the same vision. It is a beautiful week of gathering in a unique environment. 

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