Women Retreats

What are women retreats?

What is a woman retreat?

A woman retreat is a gathering of a small group of women to support each other.

Women have been gathering together for centuries to share stories, prayers and support each other. Women’s circles are part of our culture and have been a forgotten ritual in our daily life. Women have been gathering around the fire to share stories, rituals from Native Americans tribes, to temple in Roman and Greek time.

Don’t we all love as women to gather together for lunch or a night out, to share, laugh and cry together.

Women retreats create a safe space for women of all ages and background to find support. Because together we are stronger.


A safe environment

Overtime we loose who we are, as a woman, our place, our true values, and what we need to actually balance our life and to live in harmony with our emotions and our goals. Gathering together between women in a women’s retreat helps everybody within the group to surpass yourself and to go deeper within a safe and supportive environment. The concept of rivalry and competition disappears in a women retreat and is replaced by a strong sense of community. We inspire each other, we support each other, we share, we heal together, we cry together and we laugh together.  We make friends for life with similar interest. The group contributes to bring empathy for everybody within the retreat. A woman retreat has a powerful healing power, creating a sacred bound with no judgments.

Create Her-story versus His-story

In a woman retreat we are creating our her-story versus his-story with our own inside wisdom. We are creating our own life based on our core values and ancestral wisdom that have long been lost by our patriarchal society. We are learning to live with our own cycles as cyclical beings. We are learning how to respect ourselves, our moon, our fertility, and our body transmutation through different cycles of our life from menarche, to giving birth. We are learning how to let go what no longer serves us.  How to live with our emotions and embrace them through out our womanhood. We are learning how to heal past traumas and dissolve pain in a woman retreat. A woman is a vessel of the world, she is the creative energy, and the life energy bringing life to the world. With a woman retreat, we are creating our own story.

Get a dose of wellness

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