Women retreat

Yoga and divine feminine retreat june 19th – 26th 2020,

Saint Nicolas La chapelle, French Alps,

A women retreat dedicated to our growth

On June 19th 2020, after months of preparation, we  launched our first woman yoga and divine femine retreat in the French Alps in a beautiful chalet with pool overlooking the mountains.

We shared for 7 days an intense and magical experience through which we all grew and transformed together. Beeing between women offers a secure and safe environement to open up and to support each others. It is by being there for each others that we are able to surpass our fear and challenges.

During these 7 days, we explored a lot of subjects and themes around women: from self care, rituals, exploring our relationship with the moon and how it affects our cycles and our life. We discovered the power of mantra and sacred chanting. We went through a shamanic journey of breathwork to release blockages and what no longer serves us.


Healthy food at the retreat

As we went through our journey, we explore one chakra each day and matched the solar plexus with the june summer solstise on june 21st to be able to work with the fire energy, release and call blessing over us.

Every day at the chalet, we were spoiled with delicioush food cooked by our chef daily using fresh and organic ingredients. From lentils, seeds, chocolate goodies gluten free and homemade tabouleh, we shared meals together in a convivial atmosphere. 

Personal development

Every day was different, working on a different chakra, learning about it and discovering its energy and how this center point of energy affect our body. We started our day with kundalini yoga, followed by breakfast, then in the morning we would do workshops or healing practices.

After lunch, some of the ladies enjoyed a well deserved relaxing massage, pool and some nice time relecting on the terrace facing the mountains.

In the afternoon, we would resume with another workshop and close the day with a gentle yin yoga session.

After dinner, all together at the communal table, we enjoyed stories and shared experiences.


Nature escape

Each morning  with the sun rising and the morning mist over the mountains, we enjoyed our kundalini morning yoga class rythmed with the birds singing.

One morning, we escaped to the mountains for an early morning walk and stopped in the forest to do morning energy activation and mantra singing.

Connection to nature is so important and doing exercise outdoor is quiet powerful.

Overall it was an amazing experience. We learned a lot about each others and a special bound was created.

Comming together as a group of women really helped to support each other and


Get a dose of wellness

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