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Unique designed luxury women yoga and meditation retreats holiday in France and Europe dedicated to your personal evolution, consciousness, healing and spiritual growth

About Elegances Retreats

Retreats to take care of yourself

It is proven that through community and support we can change ourselves. Elegance’s Retreats is an holistic voyage to your mind and soul to create a space for yourself  where you will embrace your own nature and realignment yourself to just be. Welcome home to yourself 





“Our goal through these luxury women retreats are to bring a new sense of wellness and healing to incorporate into your daily life. Once you change yourself, you can change your world”

Brigitte, Elegance's Retreats

Upcoming events 

April 3rd 2020

Free Instagram Sound Healing

We are offering a free instagram live sound healing on our account @iamelegances

Time: Paris: 17h, Dubai: 7pm, New York 11am

June 19th -26th 2020

Women Divine Feminine Retreat

A retreat dedicated to the well being of women to growth, find peace and balance in your life, to connect with yourself and to set goals to become the person you want to be

September 18th - 25th 2020

Women Divine Feminine Retreat

A retreat dedicated to the women inside you. To reconnect with your wisdom, your cycles, your true feminine nature.

Online Reiki session

During this period, we are offering online on Zoom Reiki session on donation basis for thos who need them.                   To learn more 

Sacred Feminine June 2020

Discover your next mountain yoga holiday with our meditation and yoga women retreat

in France in June 2020

Divine Feminine France

Join our luxury women yoga, spiritual and healing retreat in Provence France in September 2020

Our Luxury Retreats

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June 19th to 26th 2020 Women self care

A personalised retreat catered to a small group to explore your own individuality, your feminine and masculine side in a private chalet with your own team and chef dedicated to you.

June 19th to June 26th 2020, French Alps

September 18th to 25th 2020 Divine Feminine

Discover the charm of Provence while relaxing, meditating and learning on how to improve your daily life and health in a beautiful Provencal Mas with your own team of teachers and chef all there at your service

September 18th  to 25th 2020, Provence France

Upcoming dates..

We would love to hear from you to cater the next dates and destination to match your needs and availabilities. More Retreat to come… 



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Why do we retreat?

Retreats are for everybody

A Retreat is a total luxury rejuvenation for yourself.

In a society where we fell disconnected from ourselves and from others, we gather together for a few days to reconnect and share.

Working as a group helps to open up and get the support of others. You will be able to learn new ways of living from nutrition, health, yoga, energy work, meditation and workshops around special themes to easily incorporate into your life. We are three women. We will be available for you the entire time, dedicating our energy and love so you can surpass yourself to grow and transform into the person you always wanted to be.

After one week with us, you will feel transformed into a new you with a better approach to life and a new mindset.

What are the benefits of a yoga retreat?

  • Evolve and growth in your life
  • Set goals to change
  • A holiday to relax and escape
  • Reconnect with yourself 
  • Detox and improve your health 
  • Make new friends 
  • Travel with a purpose
  • Come back re-energised
  • Create a new mind set for yourself 
  • Learn new techniques to apply at home
  • Find healing and support
  • Deepen your yoga practices
  • New spiritual and life perspectives
  • Learn about yourself
  • Self reflection

A unique experience for you

Meet The Team

Brigitte Chbib

Brigitte Chbib

Energy Healer and Reiki

Brigitte is our matriarch bringing years of experience in motivating and coaching. She is a reiki master working with manifestations, sound healing

Dominique Rentsch

Dominique Rentsch

Kundalini Yogini

Dominique is our kundalini and breathwork expert. She is trained in Hatha yoga and is bringing her love for the pratice to all. 

Naila Chbib

Naila Chbib

Self Care Yogini

Naila is our self care, yoga nidra, meditation, and ancestral rituals yogini. Bringing creativity into our retreats with an attention to the sacred feminine. 

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