Luxury Women Retreat

 June 19th  – June 26th 2020, French Alps

Need a yoga holiday?

Yoga Retreat June 2020

(In french and english)


A much needed Women’s retreat to escape and take a breath of fresh air after confinement to return to your own essence.  A yoga holiday in France to deepen and expand your own personal development. One of the few luxury yoga retreat in the world. A mountain retreat to reconnect with other women in a safe environment. The retreat is to explore your inner world and understand your true feminine nature. Discover your deep emotions, your dreams and desires to find back that unconditional love for yourselves and others. 


What are the benefits of a yoga retreat?

  • Evolve and growth in your life
  • Set goals to change
  • A holiday to relax and escape
  • Reconnect with yourself
  • Detox and improve your health
  • Find healing and support
  • Deepen your yoga practices
  • New spiritual and life perspectives
  • Learn about yourself
  • Self reflection

Our Yoga Retreat

Each retreat is a journey designed by us, French Swiss mother and daughter duo, sharing our experience in family and always in the mindset of growing and evolving all together. A yoga and meditation retreat to share our desires, passions and find our inner strength. A true journey to unconditional love for ourselves and others.

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